Collections and Loans

The Foundation is not open to the public. The best way to see work from the Foundation is via current and upcoming exhibitions. Please visit the On View page for current and upcoming shows nationally and internationally.

Thank you for your interest in Mike Kelley’s work. The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts does loan works from its collection to museums and non-profit institutions. If you are interested in submitting a loan request, please visit our Art Collections section.

Archives and Scholarship

The Mike Kelley Foundation is currently processing its archive of materials relating to the life and work of Mike Kelley in order to make them accessible to researchers and scholars in the near future. While the review is in progress, the Foundation may, at its discretion, make selected items available by special arrangement to those conducting specific research on Mike Kelley or organizing exhibitions featuring his work.

Questions regarding the archives, research, and potential donations of papers or materials related to Mike Kelley are welcome and may be sent via email to

Please include a detailed description of your project so that we may assess how best to assist you and kindly allow ample time for us to review and respond.


The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts is commercially represented by Hauser & Wirth.

If you would like the exhibition history or a description of a particular piece, please contact our Collections Manager, Mark Lightcap at This is not an authentication of work: rather, we can provide information on named works as referenceable and accurate scholarship.

Neither the Foundation nor any of its affiliates authenticate or attribute artwork.

Rights and Reproductions

All image requests for publication, scholarship and non-product-based commercial use should contact Visual Artists and Galleries Association (VAGA) at

Charitable Purpose

The foundation does not donate artwork for auctions or charity events.

Eligibility Questions

No, only those organizations with at least two years of documented public programs are eligible to apply (so two years of active programming by June of the application year). If you have questions about your organization’s eligibility in this regard, please contact the Foundation.

No, you must have also had your nonprofit status for two years by June of the application year.

Generally, the MKF grants are designed to support projects at visual arts organizations. The Foundation recognizes, however, that disciplinary boundaries are often fluid. As such, non-visual arts presenting organizations with a compelling project, and/or consistent history of interdisciplinary work, will be considered on a case-by-case basis, at the Foundation’s discretion.

No, only organizations can apply for this grant. MKF is not providing direct funding to individual artists at this time.

Project Questions

No, artists can be based or working anywhere, but the host organization (and fiscal sponsor, if applicable) must be in Los Angeles County and the project must be presented here.

Yes, you may apply for more than one artist, but be prepared to describe all the artists and their specific projects being proposed.

Yes, you may apply for a multi-part project or series, if appropriate to your organization’s way of working. Please be prepared to describe the project’s various aspects or events in detail, and your organization’s track record of such programming.

No, given the competitive nature of the grant, you will need to have the artist, or core group of artists, identified when you submit the initial Letter of Inquiry.

These grants are generally intended for organizations to invite outside artists to present works. However, large member collectives that function as organizations may include their own members in the proposed project, if appropriate to that organization’s way of working.

No, these grants are generally intended for organizations to invite outside artists to present works, and are not meant to directly benefit an organization’s principal or leader.

No, the MKF grants are not designed to support regular education programs or youth programs.

Budget Questions

Grants are reviewed primarily on the merits of the project, regardless of request amount, and we want you to request what it would realistically take to cover your project. However, please consider your request amount in proportion to your organization’s overall annual operating budget, as well as the proportional relationship between artist fee, project costs, and organizational overhead allowance.

MKF will endeavor to fund a project in whole, however, depending on available resources and the grant applicant pool, your project may be funded only in part.

Yes, but the application will ask you to identify the additional sources of support (committed or pending) for your project.

We recommend a minimum of $4,000 for a single artist fee. If your project is time or labor intensive, you might consider a higher fee. If your project involves multiple artists, you’ll be asked to propose a compensation structure that makes sense for your project, and to explain it in a budgetary note on the application form.

These are costs directly related to the project at hand, such as additional fees/honoraria for non-staff curators and other outside participants, research, project meetings, travel, fabrication, installation, equipment, shipping, insurance, promotional costs, public programs, documentation, etc.

These are costs associated with your organization’s capacity to carry out the proposed project/program, such as staff salaries, rent, utilities, etc. You need not detail these costs for us in the grant application; you will simply give us one figure as a single line item. This amount should generally not exceed 15% of the overall grant budget total.

No, the grant cannot cover expenses retroactively, so MKF funds cannot cover any expenses incurred prior to the grant award date of the application year (exact date tbd). We ask that you plan accordingly, and suggest that projects not begin before May of grant year.

No. If you are awarded an MKF grant, you must wait two years (two grant cycles) before applying again.

Fiscal Sponsorship Questions

Yes, organizations can propose to use a fiscal sponsor, and these will be evaluated for eligibility on a case-by-case basis, at the Foundation’s discretion. We urge you to contact the Foundation early to discuss your plans. Note: both your organization and your fiscal sponsor would need to have been in operation for two years, having had both nonprofit status and at least two years worth of documented public programming by June of the application year.

The fiscal sponsor would need to: 1) submit both the initial Letter of Inquiry and the full application (if invited) on behalf of your organization; 2) if awarded a MKF grant, receive and administer the grant funds on behalf of your organization and submit all required grant reports; and 3) have a signed, written agreement with your organization, outlining the terms of your arrangement.

For more information on fiscal sponsorships in general, please visit the National Network of Fiscal Sponsorships, and in particular, these Guidelines.

Unfortunately, no, we cannot offer assistance with this. You might consider approaching local nonprofit organizations or institutions with which you have an affinity or prior relationship.