Human Resources LA

Fund: $45,000

Human Resources LA will present Everything in Air, a series of public programs over the course of a year—new commissions, exhibitions, performances, and forums, often in hybrid combinations—using key concepts within artist and composer Maryanne Amacher’s work as points of departure. A near-mythic figure whose situated methodology and speculative embrace of technology continues to defy formal and disciplinary boundaries, Amacher generated an artistic and conceptual milieu that encompassed sound and installation art, networked culture, and feminist technoscience. Invited artists, whose own engagements with sound, structure, and situation move freely across disciplines, are encouraged to trace the resonances they find with Amacher’s ideas—from perception and duration, to embodiment, place, and listening—towards new formal and conceptual territories. The international and intergenerational group of artists will take up residence using HRLA’s architectural, organizational, and social structures as an instrument, both physically—using the entire building itself as a tool for making (sound or otherwise)—and figuratively, “instrumentalizing” HRLA's structures to resonate, modulate, filter and amplify signals, gestures, and ideas. Artists in this series include Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda, Jimena Sarno, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Simone Forti, Chiara Giovando, Dead Thoroughbred (keyon gaskin & sidony o'neal), Kali Malone, and others to be announced.