Active Cultures

Fund: $10,000

Active Cultures is a Los Angeles-based public arts organization dedicated to the artistic exploration of our global foodways—the attitudes, practices, and histories around what we consume. Foodways provide a window onto our most fundamental beliefs about cultural expression, equity and social justice, environmental sustainability, and ourselves. They believe that by nurturing vital collaborations between artists, food practitioners and their communities, they can illuminate culture and feed experimental artistic practice simultaneously, to build stronger connections of empathy, curiosity and care among us all. They not only commission work by a diverse community of artists, but also convene a rich network of food workers, scholars and activists around some of the most pressing issues of our time. Throughout their programming, they offer platforms to broaden the cultural frameworks around food and foodways, while using food to gather people and make an accessible space for contemporary art and culture. Each of their program seasons begins with central collaborations with artists, and are enriched by a variety of activities, including performances, workshops, conversations, meals and multifaceted projects.