Fund: $25,000

Clockshop is an arts and culture organization that seeks to generate social change through the transformation of public space. They collaborate with artists, activists, researchers, educators, curators, institutions and their neighbors to reframe how we view public space. Their work activates portals to revisit the past and reimagine possible futures. Their core activity is the production of new projects and public programs. Clockshop is particularly known for the Bowtie Project, a unique partnership with California State Parks (CSP) in which Clockshop curates public programs and artworks at the Bowtie. Clockshop is the first nonprofit arts organization in the state of California to have a legal partnership with CSP. Since 2014, Clockshop has executed over 100 artist projects, performances and events at the Bowtie that have brought over 5,000 people to the site. They have produced dozens of artist commissions at the Bowtie and Los Angeles State Historic Park. Their programming at the Bowtie invited local communities and provoked conversations around the site’s future development, an urban space that is on the cusp of change with LA River Revitalization, encouraging audiences to reflect on the land itself and what it might become.