Feminist Center for Creative Work

Fund: $30,000

Feminist Center for Creative Work (FCCW) nurtures an ever-evolving, intersectional, intergenerational and joyful collaborative feminist praxis—modeling ways of working and living through art, programming, media, publishing and the redistribution of resources, from Los Angeles, within the world. They endeavor to guide the organization in line with their collaboratively authored Core Values:

FCCW believes art is a form of dissent. They affirm the political value of art, and its power to transform the imagination, the personal, the intellectual and the status quo.

They are explicitly intersectional & working towards a feminism prioritizing people of color; queer, trans and nonbinary people; and other marginalized communities. They are committed to the continual process of recognizing and unlearning transphobia, racism, anti-Blackness, homophobia, classism, ableism, body shaming and ageism.

They are a place that offers support, care and a sense of community to intersectional feminist creatives and the work they share. Together, they seek balance.