Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

Fund: $30,000

The mission of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) is to champion and challenge the art of our time by fostering artists and curators who innovate, experiment, explore and take risks. They move within and beyond their four walls to provide opportunities for diverse publics to engage deeply with contemporary art. In doing so, they further dialogue and participation between and among artists and audiences. LACE takes an active part in the construction of an anti-racist world that builds racial and cultural equity on interpersonal and structural levels. They provide free access to exhibitions and programming to individuals and groups who historically have been ignored because of their age, race, ethnicity or cultural background. They strive to reflect diversity and inclusion within their organization and use their platform as an internationally-renowned contemporary art organization to amplify the message of BIPOC voices. Their community is intergenerational, and understands LACE as a welcoming site for connection.