Fund: $30,000

Pieter is a home for all people to dance, create, and heal together with the belief that embodiment liberates. We say “all people” because dance spaces historically exclude those who are non-white, non-able, non-“fit,” non-“healthy,” non-young, non-cisgendered, and non-independently-wealthy. Dance includes a broad spectrum of body-based practices and the cultivation of culture. Rooted in Los Angeles, Pieter fosters a just and expansive community of movement artists, healers and activists. Pieter provides a platform for local, national, and international artists to explore their distinct and overlapping aesthetics and interests where they can build their LA audiences. Pieter attracts disenchanted and outsider dancers and performers, drawing them into its community. Its programming reflects the queer and BIPOC experimental performance community who find refuge in our space for research, play, and exchange of ideas.