Nicola Goode, Photography of Black Lives Matters spontaneous murals on boarded up stores during the BLM protests in Santa Monica in June of 2020.
Nicola Goode, Photography of Black Lives Matters spontaneous murals on boarded up stores during the BLM protests in Santa Monica in June of 2020.

Recovery Justice: Being Well

SANTA MONICA, CA - 18th Street Arts Center, 2019 Artist Project Grants awardee, is pleased to present a series of self-organized artist projects addressing wellbeing during a pandemic called Recovery Justice: Being Well. “Being Well” is what we seek together as neighbors, and recalls one of the central guiding principles of the City of Santa Monica, the notion of “wellbeing” as key to civic health. Recovery Justice: Being Well, aims to highlight the recent circumstances that have evolved during the pandemic (racial justice demonstrations and destruction, as well as social discontent and general disconnection) into a series of self-organized artist projects that merge the exterior and interior public spaces of City of Santa Monica property. 18th Street Airport Campus at Santa Monica Municipal Airport will be the site where artists reimagine the city and beyond in the midst of complex social unrest globally. Recovery Justice will recuperate through various means the digital and physical footprints left in a city that struggles to reclaim the seemingly peaceful environment it once had. Artists will develop a palette for making and sharing artworks responding to the street experience in safe, healing and expressive modes. This porous series is a point of departure to reconcile and redefine the concept of justice.

As 18th Street Arts Center Executive Director Jan Williamson says, “This exhibition really is just the beginning step of bringing artist's voices into the conversation about what just recovery for Santa Monica looks like – for our residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. The tragedy of the pandemic has given us an opportunity to reimagine how the city supports its vulnerable residents, and an opportunity to go deeper into what wellbeing means beyond Santa Monica's image as a beach resort town. 18th Street is proud to be supporting these 15 artists who are offering a collage of images, videos, installations and performances of a more just city.”

This collage of self-organized artist projects was organized around the common theme of Recovery Justice, facilitated as part of Sara Daleiden’s artist project and ongoing conversations nurtured through a series of online conversations with 18th Street’s artist community called “Creative Roundtables” over the past 8 months. These projects will manifest in outdoor presentations on the side of the building; sculptural, photographic, painting and video work in the galleries; and a series of online and drive-in events in Spring of 2021. The artists’ presentations will also be represented online and via a 360 tour for virtual viewing.

Participating artists include: Sara Daleiden, Nicola Goode, Susie McKay Krieser, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, M Susan Broussard, Lionel Popkin, Yrneh Gabon Brown, Lola del Fresno, Debra Disman, Melinda Smith Altshuler, Gregg Chadwick, Luciana Abait, Deborah Lynn Irmas, Rebecca Youssef, and Dan S. Wang.

Online Exhibition Page: This exhibition will be open to appointments only from March 29 - July 2. Appointments are available Monday - Friday at 10am, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm.

Please visit https://yearofwondersredux.eve... to sign up for an appointment.