The Angel Song


The Detroit Oratorio

By: Destroy All Monsters

Featuring recordings from concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, Rotterdam, Vienna, and Los Angeles. With special guest musicians: Scanner, Charlemagne Palestine, and Violent Onsen Geisha.


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Compound Annex #10

Track List
Disc 01
01 Duet 20:15
02 The Angel Song 6:50
03 Whistlin' Pixie 6:23
04 High Society 4:31
05 The Candynapper 2:20
06 Heavenly Hash 5:18
07 Living in the Woods 4:07
08 Nature Boy 7:04
09 I'm Coming 5:02
10 Drop the Bomb 4:47
11 Your Brains'll Fall Out 4:54

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Released: 2006
By Mike Kelley

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