Foundation FAQs

Art Collection and Loans

The Foundation is not open to the public. The best way to see work from the Foundation art collection is via current and upcoming exhibitions. Please visit the On View page for current and upcoming shows nationally and internationally.

If you are a curator working on an exhibition and wish to include a Kelley piece held by the foundation use our Contact page to reach our Collection Manager, Mark Lightcap.

Please include the following information:

  • Title and/or description of artwork in which you are interested
  • Title and description of exhibition
  • Venue(s) and date(s) of exhibition
  • All pertinent contact information

We will review each request and respond accordingly.

Archives and Scholarship

The Mike Kelley Foundation is currently processing its archive of materials relating to the life and work of Mike Kelley in order to make them accessible to researchers and scholars in the near future. While the review is in progress, the Foundation may, at its discretion, make selected items available by special arrangement to those conducting specific research on Mike Kelley or organizing exhibitions featuring his work.

Questions regarding the archives, research, and potential donations of papers or materials related to Mike Kelley are welcome and may be sent via our Contact page.

Please include a detailed description of your project so that we may assess how best to assist you and kindly allow ample time for us to review and respond.


The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts is commercially represented by Hauser & Wirth.

Neither the Foundation nor any of its affiliates authenticate or attribute artwork.

Rights and Reproductions

All image requests for publication, scholarship and non-product-based commercial use should contact VAGA at Artist Rights Society (ARS) at

Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts holds the copyrights in all works by Mike Kelley. The right to reproduce any of Kelley works in print, electronically or in any other existing media must be cleared through the Foundation or its agents.

Charitable Purpose

The foundation does not donate artwork for auctions or charity events.

Grants FAQs

For the 2024 grant cycle we are only offering the Organizational Support Grants (OSG). The OSG differs from the APG in that funding can go towards operating expenses–it can but does not have to go towards project expenses. For the 2024 grant cycle, a 15% minimum of the requested amount must go towards artist fees.

Grants - Eligibility

MKFA knows that there are organizations whose programming is interdisciplinary and involves artists. We review these types of organizations on a case-by-case basis and ask that you reach out to us at prior to applying for the grant.

No, only organizations can apply for this grant.

No, our grants are limited to Los Angeles County based arts organizations with non-profit status or fiscal sponsorship.

No, the MKFA grants are not designed to support regular education programs or youth programs.

Yes, past recipients of Artist Project Grants and Organizational Support Grants are eligible to apply regardless of when they were awarded.

Grants - Budget

Yes, a required minimum of 15% must go towards artist fees.

No, the funds cannot be used toward a fundraising event such as a gala or art auction. The requested award amount must go towards the organization's operational costs.

No, re-granting is not allowed. Re-granting is when an organization is selected for a grant and uses the funds to distribute grants through their own grant-making program. Requested funds should go directly to the applying organization's operational costs.

We want you to request what you need to keep your organization going. However, please consider your request amount in proportion to your organization’s overall annual operating budget.

Yes, an organization can apply for project specific expenses.

MKFA will endeavor to award the entire requested amount if the organization is selected, however depending on available resources and the grant applicant pool, you may be funded only in part.

Grants - Fiscal Sponsorship

The fiscal sponsor would need to: 1) submit the full application on behalf of your organization; 2) if awarded an MKFA grant, receive and administer the grant funds on behalf of your organization and submit all required grant reports; and 3) have a signed, written agreement with your organization, outlining the terms of your arrangement.

For more information on fiscal sponsorships in general, please visit the National Network of Fiscal Sponsorships, and in particular, these Guidelines.

Unfortunately, no, we cannot offer assistance with this. You might consider approaching local nonprofit organizations or institutions with which you have an affinity or prior relationship.

No, the fiscal sponsor’s IRS determination letter must have a Los Angeles County address.

Grants - Programming and Work Samples

No, the project must take place in Los Angeles county?

No, due to the competitive nature of the grant all artists mentioned in the project description and work samples must be confirmed. Additionally, all artists should be aware that they are being listed in the upcoming project description and that their images are being used as work samples on the OSG application.

Yes, the upcoming project description can involve an artist that is no longer living, underrecognized, or emerging. We use the term contemporary art as it relates to visual art, but also encompasses sound-based work, performance art, and other experimental forms of art production.

No, the PDF format should show one example of a program and/or artist’s work. We provide the option of uploading PDFs in this section as some programming is text based. Please keep in mind that generally the work samples are a very visual part of the review process. If an applicant chooses to upload a PDF, please keep it to one page. If multiple pages are submitted, panelists will be instructed to look only at the first page of PDFs. Due to the amount of applications the Foundation receives, panelists will not be able to read a multiple page PDF.

No, the video format should show one video or time-based media work.

No, the video option is meant for video and time-based media.

No, the video option is meant for video and time-based media.