Vincent Price Art Museum

Fund: $50,000

The Vincent Price Art Museum will present Regeneración: Three Generations of Revolutionary Ideology, a research-driven, multi-artist exhibition examining the transnational exchange and circulation of revolutionary and activist ideas across generations between the U.S. and Mexico. The exhibition centers on three instances of cultural production, each called “Regeneración,” or Regeneration, and the interconnected ideas and relationships among them: Regeneración, a pre-revolution Mexican political newspaper (1900–1910; published in Mexico and the U.S.); Regeneración, a publication associated with the Chicano Art Movement (1970–1975; published in L.A.); and the artist-run experimental space, Public Resource Center/Centro de Regeneración (1990s; L.A.). Curated by Pilar Tomkins Rivas, Director of the Vincent Price Art Museum, the exhibition will use social mapping to trace the influence of Mexican revolutionary thought on the artist and labor movements in L.A. County stretching from Edendale to the San Gabriel Valley. The project promises to reveal a historic convergence of art, community, and global politics that has become central to the ethos and experimental practices of many artists working in Southern California today, merging visual arts with politicized and performative action, print media, and social activism.