Fund: $45,000

JOAN will present a series of performances curated by director Summer Guthery. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, JOAN will bring together five artists for four multi-night programs. Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz will present a film installation activated with a live performance portraying a series of political, activist, and poetic speeches by different performers; Alison O’Daniel will work with a composer and six hard of hearing skateboarders to create a musical composition that utilizes skateboards and ramps as percussive instruments; Ieva Misevičiūtė and Ana Prvački will collaborate on a performance in the style of a theatrical revue that shifts between stand-up comedy, physical comedy, butoh dance, and absurd costuming in what they describe as “sexual slapstick.” Connected by a shared sense of play, the performances in this series model novel approaches to queer politics, differently-abled experience, post-industrial labor, and feminist humor while sharing a desire to create a space of open-ended creativity that engages freely with possibility and potential.