Fund: $45,000

Pieter presents Knees, Schools, Urges, an exhibition engaging local artists to respond to the history of modern dance activity in early 20th-century Los Angeles. Produced by Pieter and curated/organized by artist Jennie MaryTai Liu, the exhibition addresses influences and aspects of the choreographic in works across object and time-based mediums, and will be installed throughout the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre building, an historically important venue for the early Los Angeles performance community. Artists including Tanya Brodsky, Alison D’Amato, Milka Djordjevich, iris yirei hu, Peter Hernandez, Neha Choksi, and Julie Tolentino will respond in differing ways to create works on view for the entire duration or intermittently during the exhibition, unpacking the manifold archives, oral histories, writings, and bodily knowledge of early modern dance in Los Angeles. Some will create works directly in response to the practices of a specific dancer while others respond in a conceptual way to the greater history.