Coaxial Arts Foundation

Fund: $28,000

Coaxial Arts Foundation is a non-profit media arts salon that supports experimental sound, video, and performance art. Coaxial was started by artists for artists that push the boundaries of art’s definition and its purpose. They believe that art can be defined by much more than the medium that it belongs to, and that the aesthetics of the art can drive a movement, a notion, an idea, or mood. Community and support is an integral part of Coaxial and fundamental to their core values.

Inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” (Women of Vision, 1988; quoting Elizabeth Fisher, Women’s Creation, 1975), the 2024–25 cohort of Artists in Residence are called to the central role of storytellers in a civilization which first invented the carrier holding the meek, the collection of foraged veg, the failures and tricks and other infinite purely terrestrial pursuits. These chroniclers of real and/or dreamed life will respond to aspects of Le Guin’s call for the “Life Story” via the creation of new work at Coaxial. Artists include Amina Cruz, Nat Decker, 011668, Persia Beheshti, and Alima Lee, amongst others.