Fulcrum Arts

Fund: $28,000

Fulcrum Arts champions creative and critical thinkers at the intersection of art and science to provoke positive social change and contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive community. Their vision is to be an influential cultivator of art and science-informed actions that illuminate vital social and humanitarian perspectives. They engage local artists by providing connections and support through commissions of art work; residencies in collaboration with scientists; and through their online publishing space, Sequencing.

Fulcrum Arts moves into a permanent gallery space, located in Pasadena, in fall 2024. Additionally, the organization opens Energy Fields, an exhibition that considers how vibrations and their resultant waves influence our planet and ourselves, at Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University on September 15, 2024. Included in the exhibition is Steve Roden's ear(th)—the artist's most ambitious work in sculpture. Viewers enter this immersive piece and are surrounded by amplifying "music" created by 80 robots. The robots "play" to color-coded earthquake data and visitors' bodies vibrate to their sound in this amplifying "speaker" structure. Roden’s curious and expansive installation work comprises a significant aspect of this touring show and publication, which invites new understandings of how energetic forces shape scientific and cultural practices.