Fund: $25,000

JOAN is a nonprofit art space for exhibitions, performances, screenings, and discursive events founded in 2015 by three female curators. Inspired by the history of alternative and feminist performance spaces, JOAN provides a space for art that probes social and cultural norms.

JOAN aims to enrich the communities it serves with free or low-cost public programming that is intellectually stimulating and that has cultural and educational value.

A solo exhibition by Puerto Rican-born, Oakland-based interdisciplinary artist Sofía Córdova will be presented from May through July 2024. Looking to science-fiction as alternative history, Córdova’s work addresses ecological destruction and the mythic and mystic mechanisms humans employ in making sense of the unimaginable. At JOAN, Córdova will present an extensive body of work (video, sculptural installation, and text) that highlights her investment in climate justice and the damage of colonial erasure. She will build off her recent solo exhibitions in which she presented dream sequences of revolution. For example, her moving image piece “Act Green: Sauvage, Savage, Salvaje” (2022) is based on histories of African fugitive slaves and Indigenous people organizing across the Caribbean and the Americas.