Day Is Done (Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstructions #2- #32)

By: Mike Kelley

Written and directed by Mike Kelley, with original music by Mike Kelley and Scott Benzel, choreography by Kate Foley. Feature length film.

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A true epic!… [T]he Mike Kelley Berlin Alexanderplatz!

John Waters, Flash Art.

The music…dips its toe into every available genre from white boy Hip Hop to faux Schoenberg…fun house, state fair, religious festival, grand Modernist gesamtkunstwerk, Broadway musical…

Steven Stern, Frieze.

Mr. Kelley’s push-button shebang is an amazing feat of industry and poetics.

Michael Kimmelman, New York Times.

Kelley’s Day is Done is like a variety show scripted by a regression therapist… [It’s a] ritualistic, fictional, broadway musical…an indisputable tour de force…

Jerry Saltz, Village Voice
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169 minutes

Compound Annex #21


Day Is Done


Released: 2005
By Mike Kelley

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