Nature’s Door


Dance Beats for Baby

By: Mike Kelley, with Baby IKKI

Produced in conjunction with Mike Kelley and Michael Smith’s installation, A Voyage of Growth and Discovery, this CD features throbbing techno tracks like Beech-Nut Stage 1, K-Y Hole, and Gerber Gerbil that will entertain and self-soothe for hours. Guest vocals by Baby IKKI!


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Compound Annex #20

Track List
Disc 01
01 Nature's Door 3:15
02 Beech-Nut Stage 1 4:20
03 Blueberry Mango Antioxidant 3:23
04 Filthy Pacifier 4:33
05 Stewed Tender Young 4:02
06 Fairy Wing 4:07
07 Earth's Beast Organic 2:35
08 Dr. Suess Hat 3:45
09 Strained Sweet Peas 2:58
10 K-Y Hole 3:28
11 Banana Yoghurt Swill 3:29
12 Stuffed Animal Backpack 3:13
13 Special Recipe 3:22
14 Gerber Gerbil 3:45



Released: 2003
By Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Violent Onsen Geisha