Women's Center for Creative Work

Fund: $25,000

The Women's Center for Creative Work is an intersectional feminist arts organization that produces and platforms the work of women and nonbinary artists working to disrupt the capitalist, white supremacist, cis-hetero patriarchy; creates transformative media through a feminist lens; redistributes resources; develops anti-oppressive alternatives to traditional business and non-profit ways of working; and offers opportunities for the holistic building and support of creative community in person and online. Since opening their doors WCCW has presented over 3,000 programs which have showcased the work of thousands of feminist creative practitioners and brought more than 40,000 visitors. Annually, they offer an Emergency Health Grant for Artists. In five years, they’ve granted over $400,000. Additionally, in April 2019 WCCW established Co-Conspirator Press, a publishing arm of the organization, and has since published six books.