Museum of Jurassic Technology

Fund: $28,000

The Museum of Jurassic Technology (MJT) chronicles an uncommon history of expression and innovation in the arts, humanities, and sciences, with an emphasis on illuminating forgotten or little-known knowledge and beliefs, and honoring individuals who have remained unrecognized yet gone to great lengths in the service of unusual ideas.

In September 2024, the MJT will open a new permanent exhibition dedicated to the aesthetics, history, and mathematics of Islamic geometry, with a focus on its development in 9th- through 16th-century Spain, titled A Veiled Gazelle - Intimations of the Infinite and Eternal - Islamic Geometries of Medieval al-Andalus. The exhibition will chart the evolution of two forms of architectural embellishment—muqarnas and lacería—as well as their underlying geometric constructions as they manifested at the crossroads of cultures and religions during the period of Islamic rule of the Iberian Peninsula. In collaboration with artist Ángel María Martín, founder of Centro de Interpretación de la Carpintería Mudéjar, the project team will design and fabricate all objects and architectural ornamentation, combining 3D modeling and printing techniques with traditional forms of plaster and woodwork to create the repeating dimensional geometries throughout the exhibition’s galleries.