Swamp Gas

By: Destroy All Monsters

For noise freaks only. Released to coincide with DAM’s appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2002, this echo-drenched exercise in fuzzy sound features Cary Loren’s metaphysical sermon Voice of Silence, and Mike Kelley’s ode to the infamous “swamp gas” UFO sightings, Dexter Michigan, 1966. CD comes in a plastic bag with UFO newspaper broadside and sticker.


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From The End Is Here

Track List
Disc 01
01 Voice Of Silence 6:22
02 Dexter 1966 17:52
03 Spiritual Help 4:49
04 Livonia Partie 8:37
05 We Lost It 7:09
06 Probe X In The Quilted Pyramid 7:40
07 Flipping Space Channels 6:29
08 The Ninth Dimension 9:19
09 Butterfly Mash 2:53

Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni


Released: 2008
By Mike Kelley