A Place In France (Cupcake)


Boogie Man Dolphin Explosion

By: Ariel Mira West and Colette Weber Shaw, accompanied by Mike Kelley and Marnie Weber

13 songs written and performed by 7-year-old Ariel Mira West and 6-year-old Colette Weber Shaw, accompanied by Mike Kelley on drums and Marnie Weber on keyboards. Raw and joyous celebrations of the wonders of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate – plus dolphins. Recorded 2006 at Compound Annex, Los Angeles. Boogie Man performed live in Chinatown, Los Angeles.



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Compound Annex #24

Track List
Disc 01
01 Boogie Man
02 Chocolate Everything
03 Chocolate Goes Around You As The Rock & Rock Goes Too
04 A Place In France (Cupcake)
05 Chocolate Pudding
06 Electrocuted
07 Human Beat Box
08 Nacho Libre
09 Roses In The Ocean
10 Scream And Scream Again
11 Chocolate Kitty
12 I Feel Like I'm Dying Blue
13 Boogie Man (Live in Chinatown, LA)

Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni


Released: 2008
By Mike Kelley