Craft Contemporary

Fund: $13,500

Founded as a museum in 1973, Craft Contemporary reveals the potential of craft to educate, captivate, provoke, and empower. With a focus on contemporary art made from craft media and processes, Craft Contemporary presents dynamic exhibitions by established and emerging artists and designers who are often underrepresented in larger art institutions. Craft Contemporary complements these exhibitions with a creative line-up of educational programs, including hands-on workshops led by professional artists. Craft Contemporary cultivates an environment for people in Los Angeles to deepen their relationship to art, creativity and one another. Through a range of solo artist exhibitions, thematic group exhibitions and a variety of public programs, Craft Contemporary is actively trying to expand craft discourse in the United States. They work with a range of artists and varied forms of craft to dismantle the idea of craft as a Eurocentric monolith and recognize the multiple traditions and histories that form what is termed “craft” in the U.S.